Sep 14, 2018

Anti Ageing isn’t just for Mature Skin

It’s never too early to fight visible signs of ageing — the ingredients are the same for everyone, regardless of their age. It’s like your diet: What’s healthy for someone in their 30’s is healthy for someone in their 60’s.

If you’re worried that your skin will “adapt” to anti-ageing ingredients—that is, that they’ll stop working when you really need them— don’t be. Skin needs these vital substances at any age, and there’s no research to the contrary.

Some people are concerned that the ingredients in anti-ageing products might be too strong for younger skin—that is not the case.

The ingredients needed to fight signs of ageing may be potent, but they are suitable for nurturing skin of any age and there is no research anywhere in the world suggesting otherwise.

You should always choose skincare products based on your skin type and skin concerns. Determine what your skin needs based on how much sun damage, signs of ageing, dryness, or other skin concerns you have, not based on a fear that the ingredients you use now won’t work as you get older because it “adapts” to them or that they are too strong because of your age.

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