Sep 23, 2022

8 Skin Care Myths Debunked for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Skincare is often something that we get wrong when trying to have the smoothest skin possible. We might have thought that a simple lotion would do the trick, and we often believe that they can undo the damage from the night in their morning routine. There are eight myths debunked on this list, and they all should be turned into better skincare routines.

1. Washing Your Face Is Not Mandatory

We often believe that they can cure clogged pores in the morning because they did not take off their makeup the night before. You must wash your face every night to prevent your pores from clogging, and you must have a bare face that you will moisturise in the morning.

2. Makeup Remover Is Not Needed

Makeup remover must be used to remove all colour from your face. Makeup is waterproof in many instances, and you cannot simply remove it from your face. It is not that simple, and you will notice that makeup cakes on your face if you have not removed it correctly. You could remove makeup from your face when you get home, or you could wash it off in the shower. However, a makeup remover is needed for your mascara and eyeshadow because it could clump easily.

3. Lotion Is Enough

You can rub your body down with lotion to feel soft for a short period of time, but that does not mean that you will have enough moisture in your skin. You must use a moisturiser that will help your skin remain healthy, and you will find that the correct moisturiser will help combat the dry patches that you see. It’s a myth that oily skin doesn’t need a moisturiser; in fact, a good moisturiser opens the clogged pores and prevents skin from breakouts. Washing your body with harsh soaps will cause dryness, and you must purchase a moisturiser that will help you keep your skin as moist as possible. Someone who deals with dry skin often must purchase an even more powerful moisturiser to use in the morning and evening.

4. Night Cream Is Not Necessary

The night cream is necessary because you have a good chance of recovering in your sleep. Wearing a night cream helps your skin soak up the cream without any trouble, and the night cream is so strong that it can stay on your face into the morning. You might have chosen to use a night cream because your skin is very dry, or you simply do not have enough time to get ready in the morning. Put on the night cream just before bed so that you do not touch it or accidentally wash it off.

5. Sunscreen is Needed

You must use sunscreen every day so that you have the most protection possible. You could recover much of your skin’s softness with sunscreen because you are not incurring sun damage every day. You might find that the sunscreen is very thick, and it is wise to use something smoother so that it goes on easily. You could easily use sunscreen just out of the shower, and you can let it dry when you work on your hair. You will find that you can put on your makeup, and you have sun protection even though it was the first thing you put on.

6. Blackheads Are Easy To Cure

Blackheads are not easy to cure because you cannot simply remove them from your face with an adhesive strip. You must treat your face to avoid blackheads, and you will find that a face scrub will remove all the dirt that clogs your pores. You must commit to this process every day because your face will recover much more quickly if it has been cleaned well. Someone who is hoping to have fewer blackheads must use a real skincare routine to make them go away permanently.

7. Exfoliants Are Not Necessary

Exfoliants are very necessary because you cannot keep your face scrubbed clean if you do not use an exfoliant every other day. Using an exfoliant every day is too hard on your skin, but using one every other day or every third day makes a difference. You are scrubbing away the top layer of skin that will peel off, and this is especially important if you wear makeup every day. You must keep your face clear because makeup is less damaging if it is not layered over days and days.

8. You Can Use Any Skincare Brand You Want

You cannot buy the cheapest skincare brand if you have sensitive skin. You could have an allergic reaction to any skincare brand on the market, and you must spend the money on something that you know will be good for your skin. Someone who is trying to keep their skin clear must buy the brand that they trust, and you must keep extras around so that you are not using the wrong thing when you run out. Travel with your skincare products, and use them every day so your body gets used to them.

9. Honourable Mention: You Can Reverse Ageing

You cannot reverse ageing, but you can combat ageing. There are many firming creams on the market that will work wonders for you, and there are many more that you could use to keep your skin taut even when you are getting much older. You must use something that will target your wrinkles, and you will find that you can combat ageing even as you get older. The rest of the process is handled when you put on a full face of makeup in the morning.


The skincare routine that you use must be safe for your face, and it must include things like sunscreen, exfoliants, and face scrubs, and powerful creams. You could wear a night cream every evening because you want to feel your skin get softer, and you might choose to use a day cream that helps you feel soft before leaving the house. Buy the brand that you know will not cause an allergic reaction, and travel with the correct products so that you always look your best.

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