Dec 10, 2019

How to Reduce Wrinkles on Your Face

“Age is just a number, but beauty is forever.”

We all wish we could say this confidently! However, seeing those lines, creases and folds on your face can be a little disheartening. Ageing gracefully is nice, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your face as smooth as possible.

What should you do, then?

Here is some general information about facial wrinkles to help you reduce them and make your skin look younger every day.

What are facial wrinkles?

Wrinkles on your face are a common sign of ageing skin. They appear as creases, folds or ridges in vertical lines across the surface.

Wrinkles form naturally over time because your skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic as you age, preventing it from bouncing back as easily as it once did.

What causes facial wrinkles?

Aside from natural ageing, there are other factors that may cause your skin to develop wrinkles on your face.

These include:

  • Facial expressions
  • UV light exposure
  • Polluted environments
  • Unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Dehydration

It’s never too late, though!

You can still do plenty of things to help minimise those prominent lines on your face.

How can you reduce facial wrinkles?

To treat, manage and prevent facial wrinkles, you must focus on boosting the natural collagen levels in your skin.

Collagen is a type of natural protein found within the body that provides rigidity, allowing the skin to “bounce back” easier and regenerate effectively. When your collagen levels decrease, your skin begins to lose this ability, which is why permanent lines and wrinkles start to form.

See: How to boost your skin’s healthy collagen levels for more information.

Aside from this, you can also reduce facial wrinkles by:

Protecting your skin from too much sun exposure

The UV radiation from the sun damages the skin by breaking down the collagen stored within it.

Always use high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin and wear more protective clothing, such as a hat, sunglasses and long sleeves.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Smoking and drinking alcohol can hasten the ageing process because they reduced the blood supply and moisture of the skin. It is best, then, to minimise these habits.

To nourish your skin and encourage more collagen synthesis, you must also drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables to increase your intake of antioxidants.

Get plenty of restful sleep

Your body undergoes a lot of natural repairs overnight, and this includes your skin.

So, ensure you’re getting enough quality sleep every night to give your skin the chance to refresh and restore.

Reduce your stress levelsWhen you’re stressed, you tend to frown and furrow your brow. These excessive facial expressions can force your skin to crease, which can contribute to the number of wrinkles on your forehead and around your mouth.

Moisturise your skin properly

Nothing beats a proper skincare routine!

Make sure to apply quality products that contain active ingredients which are helpful in minimising the signs of ageing skin such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Your regime should include an effective moisturiser too.

Try our Skin Doctors superfacelift™

Our superfacelift™ 50ml is the original “facelift” in a jar that works to reduce forehead wrinkles by 86% in 4 weeks.

Its microencapsulated retinol promises to:

Reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles by up to 86% in 4 weeks

Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet by 63% in 8 weeks

This product also helps to:

  • Improve the cell renewal process
  • Stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin
  • Improve firmness, tone & moisturisation of the skin

Make sure to note that it is recommended for:

  • All skin types (Caution for sensitive skins and not for use during pregnancy)
  • Reduced skin firmness and loss of elasticity
  • Sallow and sagging skin
  • Aged skin as a treatment

Our Skin Doctors superfacelift™ 50ml product is best used after cleansing with Skin Doctors pH balancing cleanser 100ml. Apply it in conjunction with Skin Doctors™ SPF protection during the day and your choice of Skin Doctors™ moisturiser at night.

Due to the AHA and Vitamin A in this product, increased sun sensitivity may be experienced. supermoist™ 24hr hydration 50ml MUST be used daily when using superfacelift.

With Skin Doctors superfacelift™, your beauty grows as with the passing years!

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