Sep 14, 2018

Tips to Achieving Party-Ready Skin from Skin Doctors Experts

With longer days and warmer nights, summer calls for beach barbeques, days by the pool and afternoon cocktails. But extended sun exposure and an increase in alcohol intake can rob the body of vitamin A- a critical antioxidant for cell renewal and turnover, causing dehydration by hindering the production of anti-diuretic hormones. This can make our skin parched and dry, and leaving us to wake up to dull and lifeless skin.

To give skin a fresh start, change up your skincare regime to accommodate for the warmer weather. By investing in the right skin solutions, you can keep skin smooth and radiant all summer long.

Skin Doctors Instant Facelift combines three highly specialised lifting and firming active ingredients – Liftensyl, Argatensyl and Easyliance, to form a tightening matrix that instantly tones, tightens and contours the skin. Simply place a pea sized amount on your palm and using your finger apply to form a thin layer over the face. In less than five minutes your skin will feel lifted and tightened.

For a full face rejuvenation, we also recommend using Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift. It is an instant serum that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, bags and puffiness. With active ingredients including Albumin and Hyaluronic Acid, the serum forms a water retaining, highly elastic film that keeps the skin under the eye well hydrated, smooth and tightened. The Albumin component also lifts furrows up to the level of surrounding skin by means of contraction, and allows wrinkles in the skin to appear less pronounced. To apply, place a few drops on your index finger, and in a crescent shape motion apply three strokes starting at the inner area under the eye and move towards the hairline, to form a thin layer under the eyes. Don’t be alarmed if there is a slight powdery residue once dry. This is the active ingredient working and can easily be covered with your makeup. Bear in mind that after application of both products, the skin should remain still with no laughing, talking, smiling or any other facial movements as this can affect the outcome of the instant products.

Instant Eyelift and Instant Faceliftoffer results that can last up to eight hours, so you can look great all day from the beach to the bar.

To give your skin an extra boost, there are additional measures that you can take to tackle dull and dry skin in the long term. Address your lifestyle and nutritional requirements – be sure to get your beauty sleep, apply sunscreen daily, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and most importantly keep hydrated.

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