Nov 14, 2022

What to Pack in your Beauty Bag

The last thing I pack before a trip is my makeup bag. I’m always running behind, so I inevitably throw things in a bag in a panic and forget something I need, and take at least three things I don’t. The weather is warming up and I have a couple trips planned, but there are always road trips and weekends away that come up last minute, so it’s good to have a beauty bag on reserve ready to grab at a moment’s notice, or at least have the travel-friendly products hashed out so I know what to take in a rush.


Skin Doctors Senior Brand Manager advice:

  • The best piece of advice I can give you is don’t buy travel sized products – they are essentially a rip off as you are paying mostly for packaging & barely any product. You’ll find that most of your Skin Doctors products are under 100ml, so you can throw in your carry on.
  • Save your jars, whilst I encourage recycling which is great I find that the Skin Doctor jars are study enough to wash, reuse and travel with repeatedly.
  • No make-up, start with a bare face. If you’ve boarded the flight wearing make-up, remove it as soon as the pilot switches off the fasten seat belts sign. For this step, it’s important to use something gentle and non-drying like a pH balancing cleanser.
  • Hydration is super important; the Skin Doctors range is rich in hydrating properties. The best to apply during a flight is a three step routine I use:
  • Skin Doctors potent vit C ampoules that work at a cellular level to sped up collagen synthesis and provides deep antioxidant protection and hydration, to help skin look dramatically tighter, firmer & radiant.
  • Skin Doctors beetox a peptide that fools the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung to enhance collagen & elastin production.
  • Skin Doctors supermoist and advanced moisturiser that provides 450% more moisture for your skin in 30 minutes.
  • Happy holidays, just because you are relaxing doesn’t mean your skin needs to age!

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